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      “Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.” - John Lennon
      "現實總是留給想象極大的空間"-----約翰 列儂

      How many times have we told ourselves in complete earnestness, “Im going to be more organized and productive from now on.”? Or that the diet starts tomorrow? Or that we e going to make a real effort to exercise now?

      Only to have that enthusiasm fizzle away, and all our best intentions come to nothing?

      Its the most common thing in the world (besides bacteria) — the honest and fervent desire for self-improvement, followed by inaction or giving in to temptations, followed by guilt or giving up. Bridget Jones captured it best, writing her constant resolutions into her diary. “Will definitely go to the gym this afternoon.” Only to be followed by a binge of pastries followed by drinking and smoking.

      We e all Bridget Jones. It happens to the best of us. Its inertia at work, mixed with a bit of laziness as well as the very human trait of giving in to desires despite all the good intentions in the world.

      So how do we beat inertia and temptations? Four basic ways, really:

      1. Get moving, a bit at a time. Inertia is beat only by movement. Once you get going, momentum builds up and inertia is no longer a factor. So the key is to get started, and you do that not by trying to go from 0 to 60 in 5 seconds, but by trying to go from 0 to 5mph in a day or two. Thats doable. Its all about baby steps. Once you get going, you e golden.

      2. Be accountable. Laziness, the second culprit, is beat by a bit of public pressure. We all get lazy from time to time (or, to be more honest, all the time), and theres nothing wrong with that. But to beat laziness, we must apply a bit of pressure, in the form of accountability. Theres nothing wrong with a little pressure, as long is its not overdone. Pressure is a motivating thing, especially when its positive. Positive pressure includes encouragement from family or friends, an online forum, a help group in your neighborhood, or the readers of your blog.
      責任心。 懶惰是防礙我們實現目標的第二罪犯,社會壓力可以擊敗它。我們總是時不時地變得懶惰(更確切地說,或者總是很懶惰),這也沒什么錯誤的。但為了克服懶惰,我們必須借助因責任感而產生的壓力。有適度的壓力是很好的,只要沒有過火就行。壓力可以激勵人,特別是積極向上的壓力。積極的壓力包括來自于家庭,朋友,網絡論壇的鼓勵,鄰里之間和博客讀者的幫助。

      3. Ignore failures — giving in to temptation is OK. We will always give in to temptation. Plan for it, accept it, move on. Theres no need to beat yourself up.

      4. Motivate yourself. Most importantly, you want to really want it. Its not enough to feel pressure to do something — you have to really desire it. I mean, really desire it, not just think its something you should do, or that youll be a better person for doing it. If pressure gives you the push toward your goal, motivation gives you the pull.

      Given those strategies for beating the obstacles to making your desires become reality … how do we implement them? How do we go from theory to actual action steps? Easy. Seven simple steps, that you can do today. Really. Do them today.

      1. Make a date. Right now. All the good intentions in the history of the universe mean nothing if you don actually get started. And the only way to get started is to take action, right now. Not tomorrow, not later today, not in an hour, not when you finish reading this article. Right now! Look at your calendar, and make an appointment to create your action plan, or to take the first action (”Go walking at 5:30 p.m. today in the park,” for example). Whats the first action you can take to make your desires a reality? Create a healthier meal plan for tomorrow? Create a place for everything you use at work, so your organizing system doesn fall apart in two day? Decide what that is and make an appointment for it, right now. Second part of this step: make that appointment the most important appointment on your schedule, more important than a doctors appointment or a meeting with your boss.
      1. 確定時間,現在就確定。如果你不著手開始行動,世界上從古至今一切好的目標都只是空談。邁出第一步唯一的方法就是立即采取行動,不是明天,不是今天晚些時候,不是一個小時之后,也不是你讀完這篇文章,而是此時此刻??纯茨愕娜諝v吧,作一個行動計劃,或者邁出第一步(比如,今天早上 5點半區公園散步).從哪兒入手可以讓你實現愿望呢?是為明天做一個更健康的膳食計劃?還是把你工作上的所有事情理得僅僅有條,以免你的規劃不至于在兩天混亂不堪?現在就做出決定并堅持去做。第二步:找出你計劃中最重要的幾點,這些甚至比和醫生的約定還重要,比和老板的會議還重要。

      2. Set a small, achievable goal. Remember, inertia is a powerful force. If you haven been exercising for a couple years, its hard to get started. You e used to the way things are, and even if you want to change, its difficult. So don start out trying to conquer the world. Just conquer something exceedingly small. It might sound wimpy to say, “Im going to walk for 10 minutes” or “Im going to do 10 pushups and 1 chinup”, but those are much more likely to beat inertia than, “Im going to exercise for 45 minutes today.” Be realistic, and make it very very achievable. Its the only way to beat inertia.
      2.設定小的,可及的目標。記住慣性是一種很大的力量。如果你幾年都沒有涉手某事, 剛開始時是很困難的。人們總是習慣于事物一貫的狀態,即使你想要改變它,也是很困難的。所以不要一開始就試圖征服世界,只需要從做好一些小事開始?!拔乙毩曌?0分鐘”,“我要堅持做10個俯臥撐和1個仰臥起坐”,這些話聽起來有些怯懦,但卻比諸如“我今天要鍛煉45分鐘”之類的話更能讓人克服慣性。非?,F實,而且容易實現,這是唯一能克服慣性的方法。

      “Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.” - Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back
      “嘗試不可實現的目標,就等于沒有嘗試”- Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back

      3. Commit thyself, big time. Its this commitment that will keep you going after you overcome inertia. Sometimes we get filled up with enthusiasm, but then a few days later, that enthusiasm wanes and we submit to our old buddy laziness. Now, Im not anti-laziness — just the opposite, I assure you — but we can let it stop us from making our dreams come true. So instead, make a commitment, publicly. State your small, achievable goal, and tell it to as many people as you can. Call or email friends and family, tell all your coworkers, join an online forum related to your goal and tell all of them. Put it on your blog. However you do it, make sure people are aware of your goal, and that theres sufficient pressure to overcome laziness.
      3.許下承諾,做得最好 。正是這種承諾驅使你在克服慣性后繼續前進。有時,我們滿懷激情,但幾天后,熱情退去,我們又變得懶散了。我不是反對懶惰--恰恰相反,我想讓你相信--懶惰并不能阻止我們實現夢想。所以反之,請公開地許下承諾,把你那些小小的,可及的目標告訴盡可能多的人。告訴你的朋友和家人,或者寫郵件給他們,告訴你所有的同事,加入到和你目標相關的網絡論壇中去,在博客中寫下你的目標.無論如何,要讓人們知道你的目標,這樣你就有足夠的壓力推動你克服懶惰了。

      4. Baby steps, baby. Again, inertia is a very strong force. Ive said it before, but this is a very important step here: the best way to change is through baby steps. One small step at a time. Don try to bite off too much. How is this different from the above step, setting a small and achievable goal? Its the same concept, but extended beyond the initial goal. Its taking things one little goal at a time, a bit at a time. For example, lets say you want to run a marathon, but currently your running regimen consists of running to the bathroom during commercial breaks while you e watching Lost. So do you go out and start a marathon training plan? Nope. You start by walking 10 minutes a day. Then, when that becomes a habit and too easy, walk 15 minutes. Then 20, then 30. Then jog a minute, walk a couple minutes, jog a minute, and so on, for those 30 minutes. Then jog 90 seconds, and so on, until you e running for 30 minutes. Do these steps a week or two at a time, so that all of a sudden, you e running for 45 minutes every other day … and you barely noticed the progression. Thats the way you get to a goal … small progressions that are barely noticeable. Not by killing yourself the first day out.
      4. 一步步的做。慣性是非常強的力量,我之前提到過.最好的辦法是走好每一小步,這是非常重要的.每次一小步.不要嘗試一次做得過多.這與我們前面提到過的樹立小而可及的目標有什么不同呢?其實是一樣的,只是不局限于最初的目標,它是指每次樹立一個新的目標,每次進步一點.比如說,讓我們設想你要參加馬拉松比賽,但是最近你的生活習慣是在沉迷與看《迷失》,廣告期間還老跑到洗漱間.在這種狀態下,你還會出去參加馬拉松訓練嗎?不,剛開始你每天走10分鐘,形成習慣后,每天走15分鐘.隨后變為 20分鐘,30分鐘,然后慢跑一刻鐘,走上半小時,再慢跑一刻鐘,如此反復.然后可以慢跑延長到30分鐘,直到你能跑上30分鐘.堅持每周或每兩周一次,而后,突然有一天,你會發現每隔一天你能跑上45分鐘了---而你卻幾乎覺察不出這種進展。那就是成功的方法----一點點地進步,小得甚至不能察覺,而不是在第一天就讓你精力耗盡。

      “Seventy percent of success in life is showing up.” - Woody Allen

      5. Hold thyself accountable. Youve committed yourself publicly … but its not enough to tell people your goal. You have to make it clear that they must hold you accountable to reporting to them your progress. Then report your progress to them regularly. Daily is better than weekly. Reporting to them makes sure that you will think twice about being lazy and forgoing your action plan.

      6. Motivate yourself. Weve already discussed accountability and commitment, which are ways to put positive pressure on yourself — a form of motivation. Those are great, but you also want other types of motivation. You want to find ways to make your progress feel great … either through rewards, or the positive way you feel about your progress, or the positive way you feel when others see how well you e doing. Find a few different ways to motivate yourself — the more the better. Incorporate these into your plan. Tell people about them. Let them help push you along.
      6.自我激勵。 我們已經談到責任感和承諾,它們都是一種能給你積極壓力的激勵。這很好,但你還需要另外一種鼓勵,你需要一種讓你體會到成就感的方式---或許是通過一些獎勵,或許是對自己取得的進步德肯定,或許是為別人看到你的進步而喜悅。 尋求許多不同的自我激勵方法,越多越好。把這點融入到你的計劃中去。告訴人們并讓他們推動你前進。

      7. Just keep doing it, no matter what. Youll encounter obstacles, and falter and fall. Just get up and keep going. Youll face temptations and give in. Thats OK. Just keep going. Youll make mistakes and get discouraged. No matter … just keep going. Learn from your mistakes, and … keep going. No matter what happens, keep going. If you e taking baby steps, you e holding yourself accountable, and you e actually doing something, youll get there.

      “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one” - Albert Einstein
      “現實只是一種幻覺,雖然它持久穩固”----艾伯特 愛因斯坦。
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